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Serving The People, Not Politics - A Personal Letter from Newtown's John Godin

To the Editor:

A thoughtful listener with a passion for constituent service. This phrase is what I use to describe Mitch Bolinsky in his service to Newtown. Do I have a bias towards Mitch? Absolutely. It’s hard not to when you’ve served as his campaign treasurer for two elections.

Mitch is a throwback to when a public servant’s purpose was to serve the people, not themselves or a strict ideology. If you see Mitch on the campaign trail, its retail politics at its core. He rejects structure and insists on listening to all constituents regardless of their affiliation. Why does he operate this way? It’s simple: he cares. He wants to know what’s on your mind and what he can do to help.

Last election cycle, I remember Mitch and I were reviewing his campaign paperwork prior to submitting our documentation for his state election grant. We were in the third hour of putting the application together when he received a constituent call specific to a senior issue. The call lasted over 30 minutes, and I kept looking at him saying, “We have to wrap this up now.” His response when the call was over, “John, this is what I do, and its important that I take the time.”

Has Mitch’s work provided tangible results for Newtown? Earlier this year, he was one of the driving factors behind Newtown keeping its $5 million Education Cost Sharing “ECS” Grant. This result alone precluded a significant property tax increase for the town.

Mitch has been reelected the last two election cycles because he cares about the people of Newtown and works tirelessly on their behalf. I don’t want change for Newtown. I want Mitch Bolinsky for the 106th State Rep seat.

John Godin
4 Quarry Ridge Road, Sandy Hook

October 18, 2018

Paid for the Committee to Elect Mitch for Newtown, Matthew F. Mihalcik, Treasurer.
Approved by Mitch Bolinsky.
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