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Bolinsky is a Consensus-Builder - John Boccuzzi, Sr.'s Letter to the Newtown Bee

I would like to express my support for Mitch Bolinsky in the race for 106th District State House of Representatives in Hartford.

Mitch has served Newtown well in the past six years in this position, and I would like to support a fourth successful campaign.

Mitch has earned a seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee and equally important positions on the Education Committee and Committee on Aging. Mitch is a consensus builder who is always approachable and willing to hear out those who disagree with his stands on important issues affecting the State of Connecticut, and in particular, the people he represents.

Let’s continue to allow his [and all Newtown's] voice to be heard in Hartford.

I hope you will join me in marking the space next to Mitch Bolinsky on your ballot on November 6.

John S. Boccuzzi, Sr
57 Queen Street, Newtown
September 27, 2018

Paid for the Committee to Elect Mitch for Newtown, Matthew F. Mihalcik, Treasurer.
Approved by Mitch Bolinsky.
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