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Mitch's Record

A little more about Rep. Bolinsky:

Mitch is the only candidate in this race who won't vote to raise your taxes and. he's been at the center of the fight against tolls for five-years.  A prolific lawmaker, he focuses on locally-rooted issues and broadens them to bring positive change for many in Newtown, our state and, with several Public Acts, to blaze trails, addressing wider, national causes.  Most of his concepts originate in conversations & brainstorming with you, here in Newtown.

Bolinsky is a "quiet advocate", rarely "getting in anyone's face". He excels at working across the aisle and among both chambers to find common ground and co-support for dozens of legislative issues that become "shared" because he'd rather shine the light on those who've joined-in to support good legislation. 

With 27-years of private-sector marketing success, he knows how to deliver on-time and on, or under, budget. He understands how to keep promises and improve the customer experience through innovative and responsive ways to better serve consumers. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great if your state government served its taxpayers better, more efficiently and responsively?  There is so much room for improvement and waste-elimination. If you're not sure where we're going with this, think about your experiences with DMV. Now, think better, more efficient and responsive, with a smile. We can make it happen across all state agencies! Mitch knows we can do better.

Briefly, In 2020, Bolinsky:

  • Had the misappropriated portion of $116,000 returned to the Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program;
  • Is working with the Attorney General to hold accountable those who misappropriated charitable funds;
  • Increased local Education Funding $30,000;
  • More 2020 coming soon...

In 2019, Bolinsky:

  • Increased local Education Funding $
  • With the help of the Newtown Sandy-Hook Community Foundation, uncovered, investigated and found evidence that $116,000 had been misappropriated from the Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program;
  • Introduced & passed an act creating licensure-status for Art-Therapists in CT, a constituent bill;
  • More 2019 coming soon...

In 2018, Bolinsky:

  • Increased local Education Funding $360,000;
  • Collaborated to deliver a second straight No Tax Increase Compromise Budget;
  • Introduced & passed legislation to prevent Governor's mid-year cuts to our Educational and Municipal state revenue-sharing grants. Later vetoed by the Governor;
  • Co-sponsored legislation for School Counselors, Classroom Safety, Dyslexia-Education and restoring an Employment Program for Special-Needs High-School graduates.
  • Co-sponsored and advocated expanded use of Domestic Abuser registries for women and families. Legislated to end Dual Arrest requirement of in Domestic Violence complaints;
  • Worked with a Newtown advocate for criminal justice reform to pass a law requiring the admission of newly-discovered evidence to retry and acquit wrongfully convicted persons.
  • Worked with a Sandy Hook parent to pass first-in-the-nation law recognize Amniotic Fluid Embolisms (AFE) as a rare disease, requiring education & hospitals to treat and track it;
  • Legislated to end Pesticide Misting to save our Pollinators.
  • Endorsed by the CT Business & Industry Assoc (CBIA), National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) & 17,000-member Connecticut Association of Realtors.

In 2017, Bolinsky:

  • Restored $4.89-million Newtown Education funding cut by the Governor; killed his plan to charge Newtown with $4-million teacher pension debt; restored $3-million municipal cut. In all, averted 10%+ property tax hike. 
  • Honored by the CT Institute for Communities (CIFC) with their Outstanding Public Official Award for work on behalf of school-based health centers.
  • Fought for and restored eligibility for seniors and disabled individuals served by Connecticut’s Medicare Savings Program. 
  • Passed legislation to help Lions Club improve fundraising; increased funding for Meals on Wheels; Co-sponsored legislation to limit Opioid prescription distribution; restored funding for Newtown’s Historic Horse Guard and more.

    In 2016, Bolinsky:

  • Recovered $180,000 in Special Education Dollars lost in a state Department of Education error; closed deal on $500,000 Grant for Fairfield Hills Streetscape.
  • Passed legislation to help Early Diagnosis of Dyslexic Students; strengthened Animal Cruelty laws; reduced Human Trafficking; funded Newtown’s Horse Guard and more.
  • Was endorsed by the 43,000-member Connecticut Education Association (CEA) for his support of Public Schools; by the CT Business & Industry Association (CBIA); the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) and the 16,000-member Connecticut Association of Realtors.

    In 2015, Bolinsky:

  • Passed legislation Supporting Caregivers at Home, known nationally as the CARE Act; protected electric consumers from unscrupulous Variable Rate Pricing abuse; provided greater Local Control of Education Funding; protected Student Privacy; expanded the Alzheimer’s Respite Care Program and more
  • Was honored by AARP CT and National as a Capitol Caregiver for passage of the CARE Act and his work for seniors.

And more...

Paid for the Committee to Elect Mitch for Newtown, Matthew F. Mihalcik, Treasurer.
Approved by Mitch Bolinsky.
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