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Connecticut's Economy Needs a Conservative Rescue

Our state is among the most beautiful places in the nation. Face it, a big part of living where we live is our quality of life, Newtown's great schools, nice neighbors and so much more.

Unfortunately though, Connecticut is at a fiscal crossroads. For many, life here has become hard to afford and we've reached a point where career politicians in Hartford have driven us so far into debt that we, in hard-working communities like Newtown, are noticing more than unreasonably high taxes but also lower value for taxes paid, diminishing state services, bad roads & more.

Years of out-of-control spending by political power-brokers has built the current, Chicago-style political machine that lives only to enrich itself and its special-interest cronies with YOUR TAX DOLLARS, liberally raising taxes without consideration fo those who actually pay the bills... We The People.  

Did you know, in our lifetime, CT has never had a year where government has spent less than the year before? Think about it. In our own households, we have to live within our means. Why not the state? How did we let this happen?  How can we fix it?

The solution to more than 30-years of taxpayer abuse is not more tax increases but, as we entered the 2018 legislative session, majority leadership in the House and Senate announced their need for more "revenue".  That's machine-speak for tax increases. 

I spent the entire session 2018 fighting like heck to stop the growth of government spending and new taxes. My colleagues and I won the battle against the Governor's and Legislative Majority's "highest in the nation" toll plan, killed $650MM in new special-interest driven spending and protected you from substantial tax increases. 

In 2017, we forced the adoption of the state's first minority-driven budget, a bipartisan compromise that defeated more than $1-Billion in new spending and kicked the "Government-Class" machine's attempt to raise sales taxes, income taxes, taxes on second homes, DMV fees, non-prescription drug taxes, new fees on mobile phones and unrestricted tolling to the curb.

We need your support to win again and change the direction of our state before there's no one left to turn off the lights or pay our "highest in the Continental US" electric bills.

Will you help me rescue Connecticut? I'm depending on you, so you can depend on me.


Paid for the Committee to Elect Mitch for Newtown, Matthew F. Mihalcik, Treasurer.
Approved by Mitch Bolinsky.
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